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The BSMB holds 2 meetings each year at venues the length and breadth of the UK. These can be focused in a particular aspect of matrix biology or be more general. Details of forthcoming and past meetings are below:

The Fatty Matrix: Biochemistry and Clinical Relevance of Lipid/Matrix Interactions

The Fatty Matrix: Biochemistry and Clinical Relevance of Lipid/Matrix Interactions

April 6, 2020

BSMB Spring Meeting, April 06 and 07, 2020
University of Surrey campus Guildford

Meeting cancellation

With very great regret, I am announcing that the BSMB Spring Meeting is cancelled with immediate effect. As you know, concerns regarding the coronavirus have been with us for some time and show no signs of abating. There are implications for travel, university access and group meetings both here in the UK and abroad. With four weeks until the meeting, we felt it necessary to provide certainty and clarity, with little choice but to cancel our meeting.
I apologise to all registrants and speakers who were due to attend our meeting, we shall be contacting every one of you individually. I especially wish to thank Giovanna Nalesso who has worked tirelessly for the success of the meeting and who, naturally, is disappointed that it will not now take place. Kim Midwood and I have had continuing discussions with Giovanna and once the current situation resolves, we shall work with the BSMB Committee to decide whether it will be feasible to hold this meeting at a future date. 
I would like to stress that this decision does not impact our autumn meeting in any way. Plans are well advanced to hold this meeting on August 31/September 01 in Glasgow, with Tom van Agtmael as the meeting organiser working alongside Rachael Lennon and Fabio Quandamatteo. We hope that in the course of the spring and summer the situation improves and we can continue as normal. 
Finally I would like to thank my colleagues in the BSMB and everyone for their understanding and support. 

John Couchman
Chairman, BSMB
March 09, 2020

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