- for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix -

Next Meeting: Extracellular Matrix, Immunity and Infection

Nottingham, 14th-15th April 2025

Blood vessels in culture

Giulia De Rossi, QMUL

The retinal vasculature

Giulia De Rossi, QMUL

Lung Fibroblasts

James Whiteford, QMUL

Focal Adhesions

John Couchman, University of Copenhagen

Tendon Stromal Cells

Stephanie Dakin, Oxford University

Welcome to the British Society for Matrix Biology!

The extracellular matrix is of fundamental importance for the physiology of multicellular organisms. It consists of collagens, proteoglycans and many other glycoproteins. These molecules are secreted by cells residing within connective tissues and organs of the body. The extracellular matrix provides structural support for the cells, as well as influencing important processes such as cell migration, proliferation and differentiation. Scientists studying the extracellular matrix come from diverse backgrounds, and work in universities, hospitals and industry. The British Society for Matrix Biology was formed to provide a forum for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix and to promote research and education in this field.