- for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix -


Bursaries are available to support members of the society to attend meetings relevant to matrix biology. Applicants should be non-tenured scientists, preferably at an early stage of their research career and unlikely to have access to travel funds. For this reason, preference is given to young researchers such as graduate students and early post-docs (less than 6 years post-doc). In the case of application numbers exceeding available bursaries, the quality and impact of the work to be presented together with previous record of BSMB bursary support will also be taken into account.

BSMB bursaries Conference Presenter | Conference Reporter – to attend one of the biannual meetings. Up to £250 can be claimed.

MBE/ASMB Bursaries– to attend meetings organised by Matrix Biology Europe (MBE) or the American Society for Matrix Biology (ASMB)

Other Bursaries – to attend other national and international meetings with a matrix biology theme.

Bursaries are only open to BSMB members, for more information login or alternatively join the BSMB!