- for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix -

Reporter Bursaries

These bursaries are given under the condition that the recipient participates in the production of a short report of the meeting. Full details of the size and scope of the report will be provided by the Chair of the BSMB bursary committee (see below). Any member of the BSMB may apply for this type of bursary, although preference will be given to non-tenured scientists at early stages of their career (ie PhD students and applicants less than 6 years post-doc).

The application should be accompanied by a copy of the abstract to be presented at the meeting and a one page curriculum vitae. Applicants may use the enclosed pro-forma CV. The deadline for receipt of bursaries applications will be noted on the meeting information pages of the website.

The applications will be reviewed rapidly by the Committee and applicants will be informed of the outcome in advance of the meeting registration deadline. Bursaries will be paid by the Society Treasurer at or soon after the meeting.