- for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix -

The Fatty Matrix: Biochemistry and Clinical Relevance of Lipid/Matrix Interactions

Location: University of Surrey

Start date: April 6, 2020

Duration: 2 days

Registration start: Jan. 1, 2020 Registration end date: March 14, 2020 Registration late date: Feb. 29, 2020

Abstract start: Jan. 1, 2020

Abstract end date: March 14, 2020


The programme will include talks from the following outstanding scinetists:

Invited speakers:

•Dr Robert Snelgrove (Imperial College London, UK)

•Prof Sirio Dupont (University of Padua, Italy)

•Prof Giampietro Schiavo (UCL, London, UK)

•Prof Pascale Zimmermann (Inserm, France)

•Dr Jason Johnson (University of Bristol, UK)

•Dr Javier Barallobre-Barreiro (King’s College London, UK)

•Dr Rami Hannoush (Genentech, USA)

•Prof Joke Bouwstra (Leiden University, Netherlands)

•Dr Lucy Norling (QMUL, London, UK)

•Prof Georg Hansmann (Hannover Medical School, Germany)


Fell Muir Award

Prof Andrew Pitsillides (RVC, London)

It is not possible to register for this meeting at the moment. The registration date is Jan. 1, 2020