- for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix -

Extracellular matrix, immunity and infection

Location: University of Nottingham

Start date: April 14, 2025

Duration: 2 days

Registration start: Jan. 1, 2025 Registration end date: March 24, 2025 Registration late date: March 16, 2025

Abstract start: Jan. 1, 2025

Abstract end date: March 3, 2025

Expert speakers include Judith Allen (Manchester, UK), Janet Lee (St. Louis, USA), Kristian Riesbeck (Lund, Sweden), Giampiero Pietrocola (Pavia, Italy), Tracey Hussell (Manchester, UK), Charles Frevert (Seattle, USA), Helene Moreau (Paris, France), Oliver Fackler (Heidelberg, Germany), Anna Blom (Lund, Sweden) and Luisa Martinez-Pomares (Nottingham, UK). The meeting will also host the BSMB Fell Muir Lecture.   You are invited to submit abstracts for invited talks and posters, making this a great opportunity for early career researchers to present and discuss their work not only on “Matrix, immunity and infection”, but also in associated matrix research in our popular open session.


Prior to the meeting, we will have an outreach programme with opportunities for primary school pupils to learn about a fascinating part of the human body they have never been told about: the extracellular matrix. Highlights of the programme will be showcased at the meeting.

It is not possible to register for this meeting at the moment. The registration date is Jan. 1, 2025