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ECMage interdisciplinary research network – interest in membership

Extracellular Matrix Ageing Network (ECMage)

A new Extracellular Matrix ‘Ageing across the life course’ interdisciplinary research network (ECMage) is being established with funding from the BBSRC and MRC. The network is planned to run from 2022-2024.

Network funding will be used to support the future interdisciplinary research of members through pump-priming research, laboratory skills exchanges, ECR career development and networking events.

ECMage will have a diverse membership in terms of career stage and expertise and will bring together members from HEIs, industry, and the public and third sectors with expertise in ECM biology, chronology, computer modelling, and ageing and tissue engineering.

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ECMage Operational Group
Network webpage: https://www.ukanet.org.uk/ec-mage/
Follow us on Twitter: @ECMage22

Dr Elizabeth Canty-Laird (University of Liverpool)
Prof Matt Dalby (University of Glasgow)
Dr Joe Swift (The University of Manchester)
Dr Vanja Pekovic-Vaughan (University of Liverpool)
Dr Lisa White (University of Nottingham)
Dr Daryl Shanley (Newcastle University) 

March 23, 2022